Bravo srl is a Cuneo-based company founded in 2001 by the merger of two leading companies in the field of production of specific machines for breeding, present on the market since the 70s and 80s: ROTOMIX was the first Italian company to build mixer trucks self-moved, BICIEFFE specializes in straw spreader without turbine and sawdust distributors. These productions are still active in the factories of Bravo srl.

Forty years of experience, combined with constant research and continuous evolution, has led to the creation of the new high quality ROTOMIX series 5 self-moved mixing trucks, which clearly distinguish themselves from the competition for the uniqueness of the working method used: a cutting process by means of a very powerful cutter combined with an exclusive additional carving mill with adjustable knives.

All the components of the unified are then transferred into a rotating barrel with counter-auger, which allows to obtain with a minimum use of energy, thanks also to the very high cutting speed, the best unified ration on the market today, unparalleled in every appearance: softness, uniformity of mixing, bulkiness and respect for the fibre cut to size and low temperature.

The entire process is aimed at significantly improving the performance of the animals, with consequent containment of production costs and energy costs.