Forty years of experience, combined with the constant research and continuous evolution, has led to the creation of new high quality self-moved mixing truckswhich clearly stand out from the competition for the uniqueness of the working method used: a cutting process through a very powerful cutter combined with an exclusive additional adjustable carving mill.

Four steps to obtain an excellent result
New cabin
Recipe setting
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The cabin has been completely redesigned and renewed according to the most recent criteria of ergonomics, functionality and silence. The forced ventilation and heating system have been enhanced and set up for air conditioning. The comfortable chair, the great visibility and the logical layout of the controls make it intuitive and pleasant to use the machine in full operator safety. One of the most innovative cabs in the sector: more glazed area, upgrade of the headlight assembly, shock bars, negative tilt of the front glass for constant cleaning, visibility and precision with cameras for 360° visibility and anti-collision sensors. Setting the unifeed recipe directly on the on-board computer with the possibility of memory card or data transfer via SIM with data processing directly from a PC, tablet or smartphone. The precision of the weighing is guaranteed by sensors placed directly at the base of the barrel.
Loading with high hopper
Loading with cutter to the ground
Loading of liquid products
Loading of long fibres
Loading of silage in the trench
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Flour loading through the hopper placed at the top or directly on the ground with the cutter; loading of the trace elements by means of an electric belt elevator (optional); loading of liquid products through the special system with quick coupling; loading of the long fibres (hay, wrapping, straw) with a net cut at variable length according to the needs, thanks to the high-speed cutting mill with knives; silage loading in the trenches by means of the new cutters redesigned to physical-organoleptic characteristics of the same.

Magnets capture ferrous elements
Liquids injection
Prepared towards the bottom
Prepared towards the exit
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New exclusive system to capture dangerous metals through three batteries of magnets placed inside the barrel directly on the rear ailerons at 120° from each other. By taking advantage of the repeated “soft” passages and falls of the unifeed on the magnets starting from the fibres, an almost perfect capture of the ferrous elements that are lethal for animals is obtained.

Rotating barrel mixing with counter auger is the exclusive system used by Bravo s.r.l. which allows you to create a soft, voluminous and homogeneous ration, safeguarding the organoleptic specifications of each ingredient: the best unifeed mixing on the market today obtained with the least energy expenditure, without yielding the fibres, de-mixing or heating the mass.

A) The preparation is pushed towards the bottom of the barrel by the system of spirals placed on the internal wall;
B) The central screw, which rotates in the opposite direction to the barrel, brings the preparation back to the exit. The contemporaneity of the two movements (A+B) causes the mass to move, falling back on itself without ever becoming constipated. The result is a perfectly blended product in full compliance with the organoleptic characteristics of the individual component.

Dosed and rapid discharge
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Once the loading is complete, after the necessary mixing time, it is sufficient to invert the direction of rotation of the barrel to obtain, by means of an auger, the dosed and rapid discharge of the preparation directly into the manger. The hydraulic discharge extension improves the distribution of the product.

Numerous magnets, integral with the unloading screw, in addition to the three batteries of internal magnets, capture any ferrous objects even at the time of final unloading.

The ROTOMIX5 ECO powered by biomethane is totally innovative self-moved mixing trucks model at the propeller level, leaving unchanged the know and established advantages on the European market of its “milling cutter” system combined with the rotating barrel with mixing counter-auger.

Biomethane is the fuel obtained from the purification of biogas which, following appropriate chemical-physical treatments (purification or upgrading), carried out on the production site, is suitable for the subsequent compression phase for the introduction of natural gas into the tanks applied to any type of vehicle, including that of the ROTOMIX5 ECO self-moved mixing trucks.

First of all, harmful and polluting exhaust fumes due to the diesel cycle are radically reduced, with immediate and important benefits for the surrounding environment and for the welfare of animals when the machine is used in relatively closed environments.
Noise pollution also obtains a radical reduction with an evident increase in the comfort of operators and animals.

With regard to the economic aspect, we can affirm that the higher initial cost of the machine, added to an adequate biomethane purification and compression plant, is absorbed in a short time to reach a substantial advantage, especially for those numerous biogas producers with attached breeding.

For these companies, in fact, the on-site availability of the low-cost energy source, thanks to self-consumption, leads to an absolutely interesting and important cost reduction. This also anticipates the use of purified biogas which could become the natural outlet on the ecological fuel market in the future.

ROTOMIX5 can boast the lowest energy consumption in its category, thanks to the very high-speed fibre cutting system (knives mill) and the rotating barrel mixing with counter auger, as well as guaranteeing perfect mixing, low temperature and surprising softness of the discharged product, requiring reduced energy consumption.