SBi & SBi/i

Adjustable unwinders for cylindrical and prismatic
bales with conveyor and straw spreader for bedding, bunks and unloading in the manger

The SBI 1480 unwinders can hold a 120 cm round bale for any diameter. The SBI/I Hybrid is equipped with the unrolling chain with the sleepers that allow the use of particularly chopped products and, thanks to the independent motor on the conveyor and the “short-straw kit”, prismatic bales can be used. The strings or the net that wrap around the bales are easily eliminated by the operator after loading. It is also possible to insert the self-loading fork.

The machines are equipped with a double circuit hydraulic unit and can be adjustable to work on both sides, with a rotation of 270°. The fixed or liftable conveyors have variable lengths between 1,5 meters and 5 meters.

With the “bunks kit” and the inversion of the direction of rotation of the straw spreader, the distribution of the product in the bunk is ensured with a minimum amount of dust, produced only by light mechanical processing in the absence of shredding and movement of air masses. A hydraulic bulkhead perfects the jet by positioning it in the centre of the pillow or in the boxes with depths from 2 to 6 metres. Without the use of the straw spreader, it is possible to unload directly into the manger, leaving the forage (dry or semi-dry) intact. A single machine can perform three different tasks. The straw spreader with 4 rows of springs ensures a throw of the product up to 11 metres away from the end of the conveyor. The “short-straw kit” allows you to move the bale close to the unwinding chains in the presence of particularly loose, deteriorated, deformed materials or corn stalks.

The SBI Bicieffe unwinders for manger can contain a bale of 120 cm of diameter of hay, straw or semi-dry. They can be supplied with different chains depending on the product used. In the cheaper roundup version, a double hydraulic effect of the tractor is used with a two-lever distributor on the machine that allows orientation and unrolling. They can be equipped with independent control unit and loading fork. We also produce lift mounted versions or with telescopic attachment or front loader, as well as fixed electric versions.

Data Sheet

Track width1850 mm
Unwinder length3400 mm
Conveyor length 1500/5500 mm
Max height
with loaded bale
2900 mm
Tractor required
35hp 25kW
Inner case width1480 mm