Adjustable feeder for prismatic and cylindrical bales
with conveyor and straw spreader for bedding and bunks

The feeder SBQI Bicieffe can contain a bale of any size in the 1480 models and two bales (max 70 x 120) in the 1780 models. By varying the unrolling speed, both round bales of straw and corn stalks can be used (they do not work with round bales of hay).

The straw spreader with 4 rows of springs ensures a throw of the product up to 11 metres away from the end of the conveyor.

th the “bunks kit” and the inversion of the direction of rotation of the straw spreader, the distribution of the product in the bunks is ensured with a minimum amount of dust produced only by the light mechanical processing in the absence of shredding and displacement of air masses. A hydraulic bulkhead perfects the jet of the product by placing it in the centre of the pillow, or in the boxes with depths from 2 to 6 metres.

They are equipped with a dual circuit control unit and can be adjustable to work on both sides, with a rotation up to 270°. The fixed or liftable conveyors have variable lengths between 1,5 metres and 5 metres.

Data Sheet

Track width1850 mm
Conveyor length3400 mm
Unwinder length1500/5500 mm
Max height with a bale
of 120 cm of diameter loaded
support surface
support surface
Tractor required
35hp 25kW
Inner case width1480 mm1780 mm
N° of
prismatic bales
N° 1
of any
N° 2