Sawdust spreader, shavings, separate (dry and wet),
husk of rice and straw mixed with calcium carbonate or lime and water

The spreaders SPAND Bicieffe 36 series distribute the different types of sawdust, the separated wet, the chopped straw in optimal and uniform way. Distribution is carried out with a turbine that works without the introduction of air in order to contain the emission of dust to a widely acceptable level.

These versions are of the trailed type with three-point attacks to the tractor. The “pivoting wheel kit” is necessary to make up for small tractors or in the presence of precarious gratings. The hydraulic control unit replaces the direct attachments to the tractor when the control units of these are not sufficient or in the presence of wet separated. In the case the “stirrer kit for separated” is inserted which eliminates the formation of cavities. The large capacity of the box can be reduced in height, on request, for passage requirements.

The SPAND Bicieffe 31/38 versions are self-loading models adaptable to any type of telescopic or front loader. With the same means it is possible to unload the material in bunks, in a simple and easy way, using the auxiliary distributors of the means to which they are coupled.

Data Sheet

Capacity3,1 m³3,8 m³
Max Height20002300
Empty Weight870930
Power Supply200 bar 35 lt/min (minimum)
reach or front
kg 2300kg 2700
Capacity3,6 m³
Max Height2450
Empty Weight850
Power Supply200 bar 35 lt/min
or hydraulic power
unit with cardan shaft
Tractor requiredto 35 Hp 25 kW